Clean and fresh in no time!

Discover TECEone
  • fresh water
  • outstanding cleaning
  • intuitive operation
  • ergonomic design
  • wobble-free seat
  • rimless ceramic

Shower fresh ...just feels so good!

For most people, feeling really clean is a great feeling. A feeling of freshness, cleanliness and security. With TECEone you get the fresh shower feeling every time you go to the toilet. Because nothing cleans as pleasantly and reliably as fresh, warm water straight from the mains. A feeling you won't want to do without.

Bottom super clean, and no stress. Thank you, TECEone!

Starting from our first potty training, over the years we spend a lot of time in the bathroom. It helps if a clever design ensures that we feel really comfortable there. And when foolproof technology helps ensure that even our little ones like to make themselves super clean after going to the toilet, the bathroom once again becomes a place of wellbeing for the whole family.

Some things I prefer to do alone. And it should stay that way!

Going to the toilet is a very private matter. A shower toilet helps to keep it that way for a long time. Because movements that are easy today can become difficult and painful as we get older. TECEone relieves you of one of the most everyday movements. And it is so intuitive to use that you will be happy to switch to more comfort and cleanliness even in your advanced years.

So convinced:
This is what inspired customers have to say about TECEone.

The cleanest of its kind does not need electricity.

  • Outstanding cleaning
  • Intuitive operation
  • Proven technology
  • Long service life
  • Practically maintenance-free

Electric shower toilets:
Warm water from the boiler

How it works
With electric shower toilets, cold water from the mains is electrically heated in a tank or with a flow heater and pumped through the shower nozzle on request. Through its design, smaller amounts of water are sprayed through the nozzle, which can result in a longer cleaning time.
Volume restriction
If these shower toilets hold the hot water in a tank, the maximum shower duration can be restricted by the tank size.
Additional features
The majority of the electric shower toilets come with additional features, such as automatic lid opening or dryer. Some models offer up to 20 features, others can also be programmed using an app.
A power and cold water connection to the toilet is required to use an electric shower toilet.
Good to know:
As it is an electrical device, some manufacturers point out that small children or disabled people should be supervised when using it.

The alternative with thermostat technology

How it works
With TECEone, fresh hot water is drawn directly from the mains and brought up to the desired temperature with a thermostat for cleaning. This technology provides shower water quantities of up to 5 litres per minute and a warm, soft, full shower jet. The shower jet can be individually adjusted using a volume controller.
Volume restriction
Since the warm water is drawn directly from the mains, the water volume is unlimited.
Additional features
A hot water connection to the toilet is required to use this toilet.
Good to know:
TECEone, which works on this principle, impressed in tests at Esslingen University. Shower toilets with high water volumes achieved the best cleaning results.

So fast, so clean!

No paper achieves this level of cleaning – and no other shower toilet either. Up to 5 litres of fresh, warm water per minute clean gently and thoroughly every time you go to the toilet. Direct from the mains and in a full, soft flow – with no volume restriction, and still so economical and effective. Feeling clean feels so good.

So durable!

To enable you to enjoy TECEone for a long time, we have dispensed with sensitive electronics, relying instead on proven sanitary technology that lasts a long time. So that you can also enjoy TECEone, we have dispensed with the flushing rim and given it all the comfort you would expect from modern toilet ceramics: for example, an ergonomic, wobble-free seat and a lid with soft-close function.

So uncomplicated!

One turn on the left for the perfect temperature, one turn on the right and the shower jet is set. That’s how easy a shower toilet can be! The shower arm cleans itself automatically before and after you clean. Cool water is rinsed out during the pre-cleaning process, leaving only fresh, warm feel-good water for cleaning.

A shower toilet is more than a nice gimmick. In our advanced years it represents an important aspect of dignity and independence.

With TECEone, cleanliness remains a private matter

Cleanliness provides a good feeling of security at any age. The older we get, however, everyday movements can be difficult and familiar hygiene routines become a challenge.

TECEone gives you independence in the most intimate area of personal care. With its easy-to-use shower arm that can be extended with water pressure, the shower toilet spares you from difficult movements and ensures that you can freshen up long and comfortably – with as little help as necessary.

One design. Three levels of pure joy.

Not every toilet in the house has to be a shower toilet. But you shouldn’t have to choose a different toilet for each bathroom.

That’s why TECEone is designed as a toilet family. With and without a shower function: the same design, the same comfort, the same properties. You can only tell the subtle difference in ease of cleaning from the controls on the side. That makes TECEone the perfect toilet family. And the perfect toilet for the whole family.

  • With hot/cold shower function

  • With cold shower function

  • Without shower function

"One controller on the left, one controller on the right, that's it"

Dr Susanne Vogel is the head doctor in the department for palliative medicine in the Neumarkt District Clinic in Oberpfalz, Bavaria, and is a private TECEone user. Last winter, she and her husband were tackling a bathroom renovation. The pair first settled on a shower toilet – they were inspired by their closest family: "My sister has a shower toilet too. But it's an electronic one and it's much too technical for me", says Dr Vogel, "when there are too many buttons, I get scared that I'm going to do something wrong.” That's why her gaze fell on the non-energised TECEone: "The transparent and practical technology convinced me right away. “One controller on the left, one on the right, that's it.“

Due to her line of work, Dr Vogel is naturally especially sensitive when it comes to the subject of hygiene. Alongside the improved hygiene through cleaning with water, she's also impressed by the rimless ceramic: "I think it's brilliant. The toilet is so much more pleasant to clean."

Of course, Susanne Vogel and her husband also thought about their future when planning their new bathroom, so they combined the new shower toilet with the height-adjustable TECElux toilet terminal. "Time doesn't stand still and my husband and I would naturally like to live in our house as long as possible. I'm not convinced by toilet attachments. I find the option of later adjusting the seat height more elegant."

No attachment necessary
Dr. Susanne Vogel combined TECEone with the TECElux toilet terminal, which allows the seat height to be subsequently adjusted within a range of 8 cm. Without removing the ceramic.